Delhi government promoted Eco Clubs in schools

Delhi government promoted Eco Clubs in schools

Delhi government promoted Eco Clubs in schools

Eco clubs in schools:

Delhi government as stated before new education system to be introduced in schools and now a part of it promoted Eco Clubs in schools across the national capital on Wednesday agreed to promote the idea of encouraging use of different kinds of saplings in place of bouquets during various celebrations in their respective campuses.


The idea was discussed in a meeting of Eco-Club Teachers from various government and public schools with the environment minister, Mr Asim Ahmed Khan, for reviewing the running of Eco-Clubs in their respective schools.

A number of teachers attended the meeting and shared their ideas and experiences with the minister. During the discussions, a number of initiatives were highlighted which could serve as illustrative examples for other schools to follow.

Eco club is an Environment Department initiative, in which the government extends a grant of Rs 20,000/- per annum to the schools for creating awareness about environment issues among the student community.

The minister’s idea of greeting the guests with saplings of herbal plants, ornamental plants, trees etc., for promoting the habit of greening of city, rather than presenting bouquets was welcomed in the meeting.

Mr Khan also desired that the schools should also present each of its students a sapling on their birthdays as far as possible for planting the same. This way the school children will inculcate the habit of loving the plants / trees planted by them, which will in turn create their belongingness with plants, grown by them.

The participating teachers appreciated the idea and assured full support for its implementation in their respective schools.

The Minister asked the schools to send various innovative ideas concerning the Environment & Pollution to Environment Department for their wide spread adoption by other schools / society at large.

Schools informed that they have created a huge awareness among the children through Eco Clubs, about care and protection of environment and that they are being sensitized about recycling of waste material, segregation of waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes, rain water harvesting, conservation of water etc and other environment issues.

Some of the schools also informed that they are already digging pits in the school premises for disposal and conversion biodegradable waste into compost.

Mr Khan desired that the school teachers and students should further promote sensitivity about environment issues, pollution control, plantation, conservation of natural resources etc. among the citizens of the city.

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